Romania VPS Server

About Romania VPS Server

Small and medium-sized businesses should choose Romania VPS Server Hosting if they want to gain control and flexibility. Customers and people who use Virtual Private Servers have a better idea of what the web hosting business needs and how to meet those needs. Also, VPS improves the most important things for every business: instant provisioning, high resource availability, server speed, and site security.

So, if you want to learn why Romania VPS Server Hosting is best for new businesses, read this post. In the meantime, we will tell you what it is, why it is the best VPS, recommend a reliable web host, and much more. VPS gives you the freedom to choose between managed and unmanaged plans. Find the one that best fits the needs of your business.

Both have high-level services and support, but the way they are managed and maintained is different for each. In a managed VPS, your web host takes care of everything, from keeping your site up-to-date and safe to giving you full control over it. In an unmanaged VPS, where you are to manage your server, it works the other way around.

Our Romania VPS Server Hosting offers you:

Full Root Access – You have full root access to your server, which means that you can install any software or make any changes to the configuration of your server by yourself. You don’t need to ask us for permission, just do it!

Security – We take security very seriously and all of our servers are protected by applications such as Fail2Ban and iptables firewall rules. In addition, we have an internal security team that monitors all traffic 24/7 and takes action against any suspicious activity as soon as possible.

High Availability – Our network infrastructure has been designed according to the principles of high availability. This means that if one of our data centers goes offline, or has some kind of technical problem. Then another data center will be able to take over immediately without affecting your service at all.

SSD storage – SSD drives are much faster than traditional hard disk drives (HDD) because they have no moving parts. This results in significantly faster boot times, application load times, file transfers, and more.

DDoS protection- This protection is included in all our plans and it works 24/7 to protect your website against attacks. That attempt to disable it by overloading its resources or slowing it down considerably.

Why does hosting on a virtual private server (VPS) cost more than hosting on a shared server?

Hosting your site on a VPS server in Romania is a superb choice. It gives you the privacy and security of a dedicated server at a lower cost than a full-fledged dedicated server. A Best Romania VPS Server is great for growing businesses that need more resources and websites that get a lot of traffic.

Onlive Server gives you Romania VPS Hosting for your website. When looking for the best server hosting company, there are many things to think about. Some of these are cost, functionality, return on investment, security, and support, but there are many more. In today’s market, a business that wants to do well should spend money on a website and a reliable hosting service. One of the best ways to reach potential customers. Getting the word out about your business and services is to make an excellent website. It’s not enough to just make a website that looks good; it would also help if people felt comfortable looking around your website.


A virtual private server is just a server that you are the only one who uses. You can use everything in it, including all of its resources and data storage space, but no one else can use your user account. A Cheap Romania VPS Server is better than other cloud hosting plans because it is cheaper, more flexible, and safer. With these features that your service provider may offer. Get in touch with us right away to get a virtual private server that is built just for your business.