managed dedicated server


As a business owner, you are concerned with one thing: the success of your business. You have put in time and money to make your business successful, so you want to protect your investment. Whether you have one server or many, you have many options for hosting. When you choose a dedicated server from Onlive, you are choosing a hosting solution with many advantages. We’ll look at the advantages of choosing a managed dedicated server from Onlive Server.

What is a dedicated server?

It is contrast to shared hosting a single server is divide into multiple partitions, each hosting its own individual website. The benefits of a dedicated server are numerous: unparalleled levels of performance, security, and control. Dedicated hosting is a popular hosting service for small businesses and enterprises. A managed dedicated server differs from other types of servers. It designed with special features to deliver the best performance possible for your business.

What can you do with a dedicated server?

A dedicated server provides your business with the ultimate in server flexibility, performance and security. By hosting your website or application on a managed dedicated server. You can ensure that you have access to all of the resources that you need to run your business successfully. A managed dedicated server also give you the peace of mind of knowing your server is expert managed by a team of professional. It is dedicate to ensure your satisfaction.

Difference between a dedicated and a virtual server?

A virtual server is a single physical server split into multiple isolated servers, each running its own operating system. A dedicated server is a physical server lease to a single client. It is not shared with any other account or entity. Dedicated servers offer more resources, power and security than virtual servers.

 What is a managed dedicated server?

A managed dedicated server is a type of hosting package where you have access to a server. Who take care of all the technical aspects of your hosting, from security to updates and performance optimization. This means you can focus on running your website and business without having to worry about the hosting side of things. It is one of the most trustworthy managed dedicated server provider. We offer a range of packages tailored to meet the needs of any website or business. With our network protection, unlimited bandwidth and expert support, you can be sure your website is in safe hands.

Advantage of managed dedicated server?

When you choose a managed dedicated server, you’re getting more than just a powerful piece of hardware. You’re getting a hosting package that provides unlimited bandwidth and the security of our network protection. Plus, our expert team is always on hand to help you with any questions or problems you might have. If you’re looking for a reliable, stable hosting solution, a managed dedicated server from Onlive is the perfect choice.

What to Look for in a Managed Hosting Platform?

There is no shortage of providers in the market that specialize in best dedicated server hosting services. Thus, here is a quick summary of the things to look for when deciding which platform to choose for your business.

Display – There are hundreds if not thousands of different server configurations available for specific business needs. And each hosting platform has its own specialty for a set configuration. Depending on the website or operation you plan to host, look for display features that directly benefit your business.

Location – Content delivery networks are an option rather than a solution to location-based issues. If your entire business is located in India, it would be a good idea to have your dedicated servers operate from that vicinity. It also ensures that you always get the most optimal connection performance for your own business servers.

The protection – Arguably the most important factor of them all is security. Each hosting platform has its own approach when it comes to security, but in this day and age. It’s pretty much guaranteed which platform you want to go with.


A dedicated server gives you a lot of power and control over your online presence. It giving you the flexibility to do more with your site without worrying about any limitations or downtime. If you’re looking for high-end hosting solutions from an expert team at competitive prices, look no further than Onlive Server. We can customize a plan that works for both your budget and business needs while providing quality service every step of the way.