What is Cloud VPS Hosting?

In Cloud VPS hosting, you will get a physical server with a dedicated IP address & resource. VPS server hosting is an easy, current & advanced way to partition a physical server into multiple virtual machines. According to market experts, VPS going to be the best of hosting technology because of its features & performance as a dedicated server at affordable prices.

Why Your Business Should Choose Cloud VPS Solution?

In this cloud hosting, you get manage & flexibility of the server at very low-cost prices. VPS offers an independent server so you don’t want to fear privacy. Below mentioned are some reasons why should you pick a cloud VPS solution for your business.

Fast Setup

It is very simple to set up. Companies will supply VPS within a few minutes of order placement. Faster setup time means extra time on the business, and less time having to deal with the technical troubles of a website. In a managed server, you don’t want technical knowledge.

Cloud-Based Service

Your private server is hosted in the cloud. Cloud is an on-demand service. With a cloud environment, you don’t want to purchase a server.

Save Money

VPS solution will save your business money. Small businesses don’t have large finance to go with a dedicated server. In a cloud VPS server, you will get lots of resources like RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc. It is much less costly than a dedicated server. VPS provides benefits as a dedicated server at an affordable price.


Users have complete management or command over their servers. Users have complete access to their private server; they can deploy & run any software on the server. Users can access their servers from somewhere at any time over the Internet. You can set up multiple users or team members on VPS to share functions


In VPS users get dedicated resources, so the website can’t be affected via the load or traffic of different websites. So, the internet site’s overall performance will be improved.


It is a scalable service. You can improve your service, plan & sources in accordance with your business needs. As we mentioned, many hosting providers cloud VPS solutions; so, you will get providers on-demand & pay as you go.


Security is a common & large deal in the technology world for every and each business owner. You have root get right of entry to with a dedicated IP address, so your private information or data will be safe. VPS has a multilayered protection system. So, you don’t want to worry because VPS is a secure choice for business.

Customer Support Availability

For any internet site or business, it is very important to be available 24/7 online for its users. VPS provides outstanding uptime (99.9%) & high performance with 24/7 customer support. So, you don’t want to fear internet site downtime. Hosting company companies offer support by phone, chat & email.

Why should you go with cloud hosting by Onlive Server?

There are several reasons why your business should use cloud hosting, but here are the most important ones.

Onlive Server offers Cloud hosting at a reasonable price to save money. You can get a cheaper deal than traditional hosting providers, and you won’t need to buy a dedicated server or spend any extra money. Cloud VPS hosting is a great way to get more space.

Instead of paying for an expensive dedicated server, you can use cloud computing services to pay for only what you need. Onlive Server offers the best cheap VPS hosting plans at a very affordable price range with an SSL certificate and flexible customer support.


If you are looking for the best Cloud hosting, this blog post is perfect for you. With a detailed explanation of each type of cloud hosting, I hope that it will help you to choose the best one for your business. If you’re looking for a low-cost and scalable solution to host your applications, cloud hosting is the right choice. With Onlive Server, you can take advantage of our affordable cloud hosting services without any worries about downtime or performance.