When looking to launch a business or increase online traffic. To your existing one nothing is more important than speed. What good is any sort of customer service or user experience if customers don’t have access to it? New Zealand dedicated servers offer premium performance and uptime that traditional hosting just can’t provide. In fact having hosted our website on a traditional for years we recently moved. To a New Zealand Dedicated Server for some projects we were working on. We immediately noticed improved response times for our website. Which lead directly to increased conversion rates on our landing pages and realized. That when it comes to speed and performance in today’s digital world. There simply isn’t any comparison between a dedicated server and traditional web hosting.


A dedicated server offers you better speed than a shared hosting plan. It is not only because it gives you full control over your server but also because. It does not have as many users to cater to as a shared server does. This ensures that all your content can be loaded immediately without any trouble. With a dedicated server you will also find that your site’s load time is far faster. Than when using a shared plan. You will have complete control over everything from bandwidth. Allocation to security options which again will give. You more power to customize how your site functions.


A dedicated server gives you a higher level of security. As it is not shared with other websites. Servers are maintained by your hosting provider so they are constantly updated. With any software or hardware updates to prevent any threats. With servers that offer redundancy. It is easy to manage your risk when downtime occurs. A New Zealand Dedicated server offers you more control over how you want your website. So operate from anywhere in through SSH (Secure Shell) access or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Accessing your server through FTP is also an option for people. Who do not want a lot of technical knowledge about managing their own server.


A dedicated server can handle a large volume of traffic. So that you don’t have to worry about things like scalability. Our servers are located in a data centre which is guarded by 24/7 security patrol. If your business is hosted on a shared hosting plan then it would depend on how fast your site loads. If you’re going to be doing any substantial amount of traffic or, if you want to keep your site up. All day every day then it would be wise to get an unlimited bandwidth package. So that there won’t be any issues with scaling or unexpected problems happening down the road.


New Zealand dedicated servers are more scalable than other hosting platforms; when you grow to a level that exceeds your capacity you can add extra. Resources without having to buy an entirely new server. Also, if your needs change over time, New Zealand dedicated servers make it easy to transition to another plan. With most other hosting providers, if you need more memory or hard drive space. You have no choice but to upgrade your entire package. But because our New Zealand Dedicated Server plans allow for expansion, as well as quality-of-service options such as SAN storage (which allows for faster database response times), that’s not an issue here.

Why Choose Onlive Server as your server provider?

Onlive Server is one of leading Cloud hosting companies. It offers a new generation of simple cloud hosting services focused on developer happiness and simplicity. Server started in 2011. Since then they have grown to 10 different data centres across 3 different continents: North America, Europe and Asia. Server has become famous for its reliable cloud hosting services at very low prices. Its managed cloud computing services are inexpensive but also powerful enough to handle enterprise-grade workloads such as databases, file storage or applications for small businesses as well as scale out to support millions of users for high-traffic web properties such as media streaming companies or ecommerce businesses serving tens of thousands of customers.


One of many reasons why hosting with a data enter in Cheap New Zealand Dedicated Server is more desirable than hosting in other regions is because it offers faster connectivity speeds. Data enters are often located closer to their targeted markets so they can provide better performance. Since your site will load faster for local viewers, you’ll attract more potential customers from that area. This could result in a lot more sales if you’re selling products or services. A solid uptime record is also a reason why hosting with a data centre in New Zealand is superior to other locations.