VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting Plans

With good VPS hosting, you get complete isolation on a physical server for your hosting. Your Virtual Private Server is promised to be unaffected by other users. With complete root access, you can install whatever applications you require on your server. You can even do customizations. The CPU, RAM, HDD, and Bandwidth allocated to your VPS Hosting plan will always be available for your applications and will be dedicated to you. A VPS hosting server gives you all the features of a high-end dedicated server at a reasonable price. Virtual private server hosting is a type of hosting suited for businesses that have outgrown shared server hosting.

Benefits of Getting a VPS Hosting:-

  • Complete security and updates
  • Customization
  • Integrated cpanel
  • Full root access
  • Unhindered performance with your own server resources
  • Quick & easy to use custom control panel
  • Unlimited bandwidth & traffic
  • Expandable RAM & storage
  • SSDs, email, SSL, & unlimited domains included

Each virtual private server hosting plan from us allocates the resources that only your website needed to use. This equals unrivaled power, low latency, and a high degree of performance all at an affordable cost. Our customized integrated Cpanel is powerful so there will be no compromise in the performance even if the setup is a bit hard. You will get additional benefits of storage, security, speed, and flexibility to count on.

Now, you can enjoy the fully managed Cheap VPS Hosting service from Onlive Server. Enjoy the user-friendly, smart assistance from our world-class Technical Support and Operations teams. Our experts are dedicated to serving you wherever or whenever 24*7. We will always keep your server running and up-to-date with security patches, operating system updates, and much more.

Our business-class track record always points out our efficiency. This can be related to some of the industry’s best uptime performance. We’re so confident in our infrastructure,  that we will make your site up with a 100% uptime guarantee. So no need to worry about that! Coming to storage, we provide all new virtual private servers with high-performance SSD hard drives that have high storage range so you need not worry about the speed, storage, and performance.

If your business is growing quickly, never mind. We have the feature – scalability. You can start with a small memory of RAM and easily scale up, quickly and effortlessly from within your VPS hosting control panel. You can enjoy the feature of unlimited bandwidth. There are no limits on the amount of traffic your VPS-hosted site can receive.

Features of VPS Hosting That You Will Enjoy:-

  • We believe in not wasting time, so we make sure that your Linux VPS Server is ready for use within seconds. We have an instant setup program. With our unique instant provisioning platform, your VPS server will be up in no time and you can enjoy the services.
  • Every VPS hosting configuration includes the highly acclaimed ‘enhanced cPanel’ interface exclusively for you.
  • Our virtual private server hosting comes with Solid State Hard Drives for storage purposes which delivers a tremendous performance boost in all the read and the write speed. SSD also ensures a lower risk of mechanical failure as compared to an HDD. This is an added advantage.