Europe VPS Server

The present is a high-technology and constantly evolving generation. This is when businesses want to go through any jerk that might expel their valuable customers, resulting in the showdown of their functionalities. Considering the limited functions and features of shared website hosting, there are more and more businesses moving to controlled architectures like the ones available with Europe VPS Server hosting. This is being done with the objective of accelerating website performance and ensuring high availability at the same time.

When to Move from Shared Server Hosting to Europe VPS Server Hosting?

Coming to the question of why blog hosting on a Europe VPS server is better than going for a shared server. This question only needs to be answered by full-time bloggers who are quite serious about blogging. In fact, the question also applies to blogs witnessing high traffic and the ones that have the potential for exponential growth.

If you are an amateur in this category or one whose blog has witnessed only a few visits regularly, then there is no use considering VPS server hosting. Virtual private server hosting is worth considering by bloggers whose blogs are witnessing regular traffic of thousands. Here, we will try and find the answer to the question of when an individual needs to get hold of a virtual private server hosting provider and get out of the shared server that their blog is presently being hosted on.

Move to VPS Hosting If Your Blog has Outgrown Shared Server.

It is necessary for you to make the big move from a shared server to a Europe VPS server if your blog has outgrown the potential of a shared server. Here, you will have to answer an important question pertaining to how can you understand that your blogging requirements have outgrown the server capacity of a shared server? To answer this question, there are some thumb rules you need to check. Let us find out what are these thumb rules:

Has the Traffic on Your Blog Site Increased Dramatically?

The very first point that will indicate you need to change your hosting solution from a shared server to a Europe VPS server is when the regular traffic on your blog site jumps from low to high per day. Here again, you will have to understand the low and the high junctures. Low traffic is when you witness anything below 1000 to 2000 visits every day. High traffic is when your blog site witnesses over 5000 and even more than 8000 visits per day. It is important to understand, though, that if you have used an aggressive online advertising plan and have also dealt in attractive offers, there are full chances of your blog site to witness huge popularity, which in turn will result in a traffic spike.

On the other hand, if you are of the view that the traffic on your site can be maintained while anticipating a dramatic increase in the same in the near future, then it becomes necessary for you to avail more dedicated disk space and bandwidth. This is necessary because the traffic on your site increases all of a sudden; it will take a major toll on the server speed, which will further exert a lot of pressure on the performance of your site. If you do not want to go through constant downtime issues and also do not want to slow down the loading time of your site, then it is best for you to change your hosting services from shared to Europe VPS.

Is the Security of Your Data a Problem For You?

New blogs do not have a lot of data. Nevertheless, as they grow and spend some time online, they accumulate a lot of data that needs to be protected. Perhaps, there are several access details and transactions related data that need to be protected from cybercriminals. This is where enhanced security of data needs to be ensured.

This can be done in the most effective manner simply by shifting to a more dedicated atmosphere. For the ones who have good capital in hand, moving to a dedicated server will work wonders. But the ones with budget constraints can always go for Europe K VPS server hosting. Going for VPS hosting brings in one thing for sure, and that is improved data security than a shared server.

Do You Require More Personalized Settings and Site Customization?

It is quite likely for your blog to get to a stage where you would have to look for increased control of the server infrastructure. However, this will be possible only when you shift from a shared server to a dedicated or VPS server, obviously based on your requirements and budget. Going for a dedicated server means you will be getting improved control over the entire server infrastructure.

There are many facilities that the bloggers can easily change in the dedicated environment of a VPS server. These include customization of the firewall configurations, the potential of running more advanced scripts and the potential of installing sophisticated applications. All these factors go a long way in enhancing the experience of the users of the blog while not being constrained by the restrictions of a shared server.


The above-mentioned factors clearly prove the point that there comes a time when serious bloggers really need to move from shared server hosting to Europe VPS Server hosting. There are two more factors that play an important role in encouraging the users to make a move, and they are more cash generation and greater mailing capacity.