Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting that allows users to install popular WordPress software. Onlive Server provides this service for free or for a small fee. In exchange, they make money from ads posted on your site and from premium services. WordPress is a great tool for building websites, but it isn’t without its limitations. It takes a lot of time, knowledge, and effort to properly configure WordPress before you can start using it effectively. To really take full advantage of what WordPress has to offer, you need to host your website with a company that specializes in Managed WordPress hosting.

The Power of Managed Services:

As we all recognize how progressively WordPress received popularity. Due to its popularity, net web hosting companies have specialized in WordPress to provide offerings recognized as managed WordPress hosting. In this service, all the technical factors of WordPress are managed through hosts. The concept in the back of managed hosting is to provide an absolutely effortless experience, so you can center of attention on walking your business.  This consists of security, speed, updates, everyday backups, uptime, and scalability. One of the excellent components of Managed WordPress internet hosting is top-class support. The assistance is furnished through actual WordPress specialists with plenty of trips alternatively than anybody who is analyzing a guide manual.

Features of Onlive Server Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

You can be counted on quite a number of elements with thoroughly managed WordPress Hosting that you don’t get with shared hosting services. These elements make the web magic appear except you desire to assume extra about it.

Onlive Server Fully Managed WordPress Hosting consists of the following features.


Onlive Server WordPress internet hosting affords you a seamless, scalable server configuration. It expands and subtracts in accordance with your site’s site visitors and bypasses the ability limits. In different words, your website online won’t crash due to the fact of multiplied traffic.


Onlive Server protection offerings are vital for the security of your enterprise and your customers’ information. They furnish you with ongoing malware monitoring, automatic SSL, PHP optimization, and computerized plugin updates. Immediate backups are invulnerable to your work. And preserve your facts from getting misplaced or corrupted. In different words, Onlive Server protects you and your clients from hacks.


Google considers the pace at which site visitors acquire your content when deciding whether or not your web page ranks for a precise consumer experience. Core Web Vitals are now rating elements for search engine results.

With a multi-layered caching carrier constructed on the modern PHP version, and server caching with Varnish, Onlive Server solutions powerfully to you want for speed. It integrates with the content material shipping community throughout its owned statistics facilities and with top-rate photo compression. Our business enterprise optimizes your website for quick delivery.

It’s a fancy way of announcing that site visitors won’t have to wait for your web page to load. And Google rewards you for having a quick site.


Our enterprise presents equipment that assists with an optimized rollout and configuration of the servers. They supply you with separate staging and manufacturing servers. These servers permit you to take a look at new facets or a new design on the staging server. With Onlive Server hosting, you have access to a crew of WordPress specialists who have trips working with lots of sites. Put simply; you aren’t alone. We’re constantly right here to assist. We understand that your website is a critical part of your online presence and business, and we are committed to ensuring its smooth operation.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting


Scorching Fast – Servers are configured specially for WordPress so they are quick even when you are having a massive range of website visitors.

Security – Getting on with WordPress internet hosting ability you are now hacker-proof. They have a very tight protection layer to block hacking attempts.

Expert Support – The group of workers is noticeably knowledgeable; they recommend first-rate plugins and resolve your troubles faster.

Daily Backups – They have everyday backups so you can restorative or revert every time you want.

Automatic Updates – Updates are carried out automatically, no guide effort is required.

No Downtime – Your server never receives down no reliance on how tons visitors your web page gets.

Dev Tools – Although it varies by way of the host, you generally use dev equipment such as staging area, model control, etc.


Price – These highly-priced contrast to shared hosting. But if you aspect in the price of strolling a massive internet site and the income of machine admin, then this will sound like a quite proper option.

Limits – Because the server structure is specialized for WordPress, frequently you are constrained to strolling solely WordPress-based sites. But that’s what you had been searching to do anyways. You additionally can’t run all WordPress plugins. Managed WordPress web hosting companies block plugins that sluggish down your site.

Less Control – Since anybody else is managing all the technical aspects, you don’t have almost as a lot say as to what receives change. But isn’t that the point? You don’t choose the problem of managing matters yourself.

When do you want Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you are a small enterprise or have a massive visitors website, then it makes experience to get on with managed WordPress hosting. If you lack technical skills, as a commercial enterprise owner, you have two options. You ought to rent a machine admin to control your website, or you can use a managed WordPress internet hosting provider. The most common hosting solutions available in Onlive Server have shared hosting, VPS Server, and Best Dedicated Server.


If you are serious about growing your business, it’s important to invest in high-quality WordPress-managed hosting. In this article, we’ve explained why this is the best option for any business that wants to succeed online. If you prefer something fast, invulnerable and with superb aid then you have the answer. Now, that you have examined all about Managed VPS Hosting, it is time for you to make a decision. Reach out today to learn more about our offerings and get started with your free trial!