VPS Provider

Onlive Server is one of the best VPS Providers in 30-plus locations with great technical support. If you are going to start a business in this digital world, you are required to go for particular parameters that will help you profit. To set up your web world, use the Best VPS Server. Onlive Server provides VPS Hosting Services at a very cheap price. We give the fastest ultimate performance server and huge bandwidth with flexible customer support. It provides you with Safe & Secure VPS Hosting Servers at a low-cost price. We are using high-quality hardware in our VPS Server and Our Servers are used to develop sites or software, special projects, gaming, etc.

We provided 24×7 Technical Support, with flexible customer support, and also provides you with Premium Support Service in Case of any issue Regarding the VPS Provider.


Why should you choose VPS Provider Hosting?

 1. Increased Reliability with VPS hosting, you have improved reliability and stability as compared to shared hosting. We provided 24*7 customer support and the best management. Due to our own data center at many locations, provides a 99.98% network uptime guarantee. We give a super- faster and more powerful server with full root access and flexible customer.

2. Increased Efficiency on a Green Platform For the past few years, topics associated with eco-friendly technology and inexperienced hosting are growing quite a bit in quality.

3. Improved Performance is using well-known super and powerful microservers with high-level hardware in our VPS servers with huge bandwidth and the fastest SSD storage with flexible customer support. It provides huge bandwidth and superior-quality SSD with technical support. Onlive VPS Server provides website needs constant speed and reliability.

4. Fully Managed Services quality provider is going to provide hardware and software updates and maintenance. They will provide security patches regular

5. Save Money & Grow Onlive Server is VPS Provider, that gives Services at a low-cost price. It gives service for businesses to grow their business. We help you increase your business performance. It offers a competitive price with high performance.

6. Better Security Regular backups are important for websites. If in any situation your website data application data will be lost so don’t worry everything can be restored. Whether it’s problem activity, hardware failure, or accidental deletion, with proper data backup, you can restore it without disrupting your business. Without backup, disaster may strike and the future of the company may be in jeopardy.

The best backup solutions are run regularly and should be stored remotely from your own servers. Everything is encrypted for security reasons and tested to make sure the backups you are backing up are not corrupted.

Cheap Cloud VPS

VPS Server Cloud is your first step toward enjoying the benefits of virtualization technology, which includes more efficient computing, lower costs, and greater flexibility. Our Cloud VPS Server includes complete resource allocation, increasing performance, and simplifying management for superior reliability.

Benefits of Cheap VPS Provider Hosting

Some of the main inclusions of VPS Hosting plans available from us:

  • High computer technology and performance with fast network capacity.
  • Free Technical support team
  • Fast speed
  • Highly Secure
  • Highly advanced hardware and resources
  • Increased trust ability. 
  • Dedicated Resources.
  • Grow Efficiency on a Green Platform.
  • Upgrade Performance.
  • Scale Resources Instantly.
  • Fully Managed Services.
  • Save Money & Grow.
  • Highly advanced 3-tier compliant data centers
  • Data backups on a regular basis

What included in fully managed VPS hosting?

Ans Fully Managed VPS combines our legendary VPS Hosting with 24/7 server administration by our Onlive Server team.

What is your uptime guarantee?

Ans We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee